The Money Puzzle

We record both a podcast and a television show that cover a litany of financial and business related topics.  The idea behind The Money Puzzle is to illustrate how we walk clients through the retirement planning process.  In order to do so, we must collect all of the different “pieces” that construct your financial life.  Your insurance, investments, retirement accounts, estate planning needs; these are all pieces of your puzzle that must fit together.  We help to construct that puzzle so the picture is clear and easy to understand. 

The shows are a fantastic way to get to know us and how we approach our work.  We hope you enjoy and be sure to subscribe in order to be notified as soon as we release new episodes.

Peace Of Mind Podcast

The Money Puzzle is a production of Family Wealth Planning Partners. We believe that the more informed and educated a client is about all financial matters the more likely the client is to make better financial decisions. Better financial decisions can lead to better results.